Novel Revisions, Draft 2

I just finished my second round of revisions to the novel, which now has a new title! After weeks of toying around with ideas, I've hit on A Certain Deceit. And, for now, I like it. I thought long and hard about using a geographical reference as a title. The problem with that strategy is that my setting isn't exactly well-known (e.g., Paris, The Hebrides). Also, the most logical title, Cache Creek, might be challenging to pronounce, for some people. I still haven't completely ruled it out, but I decided to go with a title that conveys a bit about the book.

I'm happy with round 2. At this point, I'm blind to everything, and need some feedback from fresh sets of eyes. So I'm going to put it down for now and wait until I can get it.

I signed up to attend the Historical Novel Association conference in Portland in late June. I'm taking some workshops and have signed up for 2 opportunities to pitch the book. That feedback will give me an idea of what I'm doing--or not.


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