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Tagging Along to Chicago

I played "corporate wife" and tagged along with John on a quick business trip to Chicago. We always talk about me joining him, but sometimes his trips are too painful. Some are too quick. And some are definitely to locations I have no interest in visiting. This trip was perfect, as he didn't have mandatory dinners each night with his colleagues. I hadn't been to Chicago in at least three years, so I was looking forward to visiting my old haunts (Art Institute) and going to new ones. The weather wasn't exactly perfect, but it definitely didn't snow or storm. I walked miles, learned to "Uber," and visited some new museums. Perfect! My new favorite museum is definitely the Richard Driehaus Museum , a Gold Coast mansion that has been refurbished to its original glory. The collections were stunning, especially the Tiffany lamps and fixtures, the tiles, and the ornate wood floors and moldings. Totally worth the admission fee and taking the time to att

Self Improvement = Pain!

I am not a terribly vain person. I hate spending time in front of the mirror, staring at myself. I don't do selfies. The major thing I dislike about aging is the wrinkles around my lips. It's irritating, because I never smoked and didn't use drinking straws, but got them anyway. But, in the past few years, I've noticed that the "old lady age spots" that I have on my back keep growing and multiplying. To be honest, I don't see them (duh), so they've been out of sight out of mind. Until last year, when I put my bathing suit on. How many ways can you say gross? Then, as I started to work out more, the ones along my bra line started to itch and bleed. With our trip to Kauai on the horizon, I decided I should have them removed. I know they might come back, they're hereditary (thanks Mom!). But at least I could get rid of the ones I have now, and my back won't scare small children. I made an appointment at the cosmetic dermatologist and went in y