Long Form Writing Projects

A Certain Deceit (Historical Novel, 2017)
It's 1892 in a small Northern California town and a single gunshot fired by the County Sheriff fractures families—one bound by blood and one by brotherhood—and forces them to confront the consequences of a bank robbery gone bad. 

This novel relies on the familiar tools of a historical fiction writer: I have pulled characters from my family tree and the places they inhabited, and taken great liberties with their lives. The story, however, is fictional. The two primary characters in the novel are father and daughter: Sheriff Jim Duncan (also known as Sunny Jim) and his daughter, Elvira Duncan Grey.
I have loosely based their characters on my great grandparents, "Sunny" Jim Monroe and Elvira Grey Duncan Monroe. The character of Jim in my book is more true to my great-grandfather's nature, or what I've learned about him. The character of Elvira is mostly of my own imagining. 


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