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I decided to test Scrivener, a software program created for writers. I wrote the first draft of my novel using Word and creating separate files for each chapter. I then used it for the first draft revision. It works fine, but it's clunky and will be a nightmare when I go to assemble the whole thing. Also, it's a pain to manage word count, etc. I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener, watched a few You-tubes, and decided to dive right in. A few hours of cut, copy, paste, later, I had created my Project and was ready to begin Draft 2 revisions. The first thing I realized I could do was easily break up my chapters into scenes. This function alone makes revising easier! I'm going to purchase the software.

Book Revisions: Round 1

I've made it through the entire manuscript for a "first draft" revision. I'm not sure I hate it as much as I thought I might. I have really worked to make Elvira a less cardboard character, at least from the perspective of other characters. I'm worried it's too simple a story. And of course, there aren't any vampires. I still don't have a title.