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We've traveled to California for the Thanksgiving holidays every year since we've been together. Thanksgiving visits to my family, and Christmas holidays with John's. Most years, our trips include at least a few days on the Sonoma Coast. We stay at my parents' home at Bodega Bay, then spend our time wine-tasting, eating at fun places, and golfing. A few years ago, we discovered the Marshall Store, with its selection of fresh oysters (I mean, fresh from Tomales Bay, right in front of the place!). If the weather cooperated at all, we'd head down there for a perfect combination of scenic, peaceful drive plus delicious seafood. This year, we decided to make one tiny change. Well two. We made reservations at the Hog Island Oyster Company (just north of the Marshall Store) and we invited Dad to join us. He'd never eaten truly fresh oysters, only the disgusting, slimy canned ones that his mother used for her casseroles, so he was a bit skeptical. We ordered fresh,

Writing Life

After three years of intermittent work, I've set a goal for myself: I'm going to finish my novel by December 31. I started it in Michelle Wildgen's "Novel in a Year" class, and didn't finish. But, given the year I had, and my work travel, I was happy to be three-quarters along. Michelle gave me excellent comments to use once I restarted the process, and I've been thinking about them during my walks with Ellie. A move to Colorado, another year of work travel, and it just sat there. No more. I have no more excuses now that I'm "retired." My draft so far seems to focus on plot and setting, and shies away from deeper characterization. Well, because it's hard! I don't want to have to think that much about Elvira, and what she went through being married to an outlaw like Henry. On the other hand, I created them so I should be able to tell their stories in a more emotional way. I do agree that poor Elvira got a bit lost in the first draf