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We loved our whirlwind trip. Planes, trains, rental cars, and endless walking. Delicious food, Roman ruins, gorgeous countryside, incredible architecture, and art. Oh, and some of the most incredible stained glass I've ever seen...

Our Old Girl

We thought we were going to have to say goodbye to our girl this week. She had a few terrible days and our hearts almost broke. A visit to the Vet turned her around. More pain meds, more often, to soften the pain and help with her arthritis. She's not a new dog, but she's clearly more comfortable. I'll take it, for now.

Presents for Pretty Girls

I decided to make a house-warming gift for Lauren, who was moving into her new apartment. This piece included several different techniques, including one I'd never tried before. I found a small sturdy stick, covered it in copper foil, and soldered it. Then, I integrated it into the piece. Fun!

The Guys


Mood for the Day


Celtic Knot

I decided that my mostly Irish husband needed a Celtic knot for his window, so I found a fairly simple pattern. I'm very happy with the colors.

Missed Christmas

Making Christmas ornaments seemed like a great idea at the time. Easy small gifts, not too time-consuming, colorful. And, if recipients hated them, they could re-gift or conveniently lose them.

What I learned: making small things drives me crazy. These little things are FUSSY to make, and they take much longer than one would presume. I like how most of them turned out, however...ornaments are no longer on my list of things to do!

Sincere Flattery

Piet Mondrian, re-imagined. The original:

In progress...

The final product. I used decorative soldering to give the flower's center some texture and color.