Elvira's Next Story?

Now that I'm finished with my third revision of Elvira's story, I'm thinking about my next project and planning for the Historical Novel Society Conference in a few weeks. I'm trying to get motivated, actually. I think I'm just setting my expectations to very low, but hoping I'll learn things. I realized I need to have an idea of what Elvira's next book might be about, in case someone asks me and I've been noodling about it.

I know, if I choose to write the next one, she had to be stronger, and come into her own. She'll no longer be the tragic widow. Her life has to stabilize and she has to be a character that people will want to follow, someone they care about. I suppose I have less worries about Jim and Wyatt in that area. So it's an interesting plotting exercise: work on something I may never write.


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