Editing Never Ends

I'm polishing my completed manuscript of A Certain Deceit so I can send it to editors and agents. I was incredibly fortunate at HNS-2017: I pitched to two editors and they both want to see it (one partial read and one full read).

I've gone through a hard copy, looking for nits, correcting grammar, and identifying any holes/issues to correct. I've had two other people read parts as well. It has taken me almost a month--I wanted to be careful and precise, not gloss over things. I bled a lot of red ink all over my text, then went into Scrivener and made my revisions. I copied my updated text from Scrivener to MS Word, chapter by chapter, and scrolled through each document, so I could see Word's editing function. This feature is handy and points out things I might have missed. I thought I'd done everything carefully.

Then, as I'm preparing to send out the partial request, I saw an error! A big one, in the scheme of things, because it was on the third page ("an tree" instead of "a tree"). AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH.

Back to the drawing board. Two days later, I've produced a "completed" manuscript again.

I have no faith I've caught everything, but I sent them out anyway. I know we're supposed to submit polished, perfect manuscripts. But the only way to do that is hire a copy editor, or never send it out. So, I threw caution to the wind. If someone likes the story and wants to work with me, I'll correct the remaining 0.06% of errors.

Perhaps I don't have the right attitude. Or perhaps I'm overruling my subconscious attempt to do nothing to push it out into the world.


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